Caffeine and geeks go together like chocolate and whatever that weird goop that they put inside a Cadbury Egg is. (See the movie: The Stuff. No lie)

We pound energy drinks, lather up with caffeine laden soap, and spend more time at places like Starbucks than we do at the places we're SUPPOSED to be like work.

Join us as we fail horribly to answer the age old question of Man vs Jolt Cola buzz in today's article "C is for Caffeine".

Even if most of you are still in denial about your addiction.

"Wait a minute! I’m a geek and I don’t have a caffeine addiction!”

Admitting it is the first step – not to recovery, but to total surrender and acceptance.

There are still some of us in denial who absolutely refuse to admit that they bow down before the vibrating Gods of all that is manic energy. And worse yet, these non-believers try to convince the rest of us that caffeine has NO sway over them, and that they survive on things like all natural herbal mixtures and steaming mugs of what smells like the potpourri our Grandmother burns in the bathroom after dinner so that we aren’t constantly and painfully reminded that even Grandmas have to poop.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016