Not all heroes or movie icons deserve our undying love. In fact, some of them are so annoying, in touch with their feelings and overcome with the need to have a “good cry” that they’ve not only lost our respect but have earned our loathing.

And yet while they are the focal point of a movie or series and a culture icon to some, deep within our hearts we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if we had to?

We could totally kick their ass.

Han was the unofficial star of Star Wars, and even though the story revolved around the blonde kid with the Peppermint Patty haircut, we were all watching and waiting for Han. Luke was in touch with his feelings and fighting an inherited darkness that swallowed his father before him. He was a walking ball of sissified tension, and although they don’t cover this in the official series he wet the bed until he was 14.

Every time he whined his way onto the screen you were praying for Han to shoot him in the face or suck him out of an airlock so that his tears would freeze tragically to his face in one final showing of emotion before he hit a stray satellite and shattered like Wesley Snipes in Demolition Man.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016