If you ever wanted to have a developer tell you "exactly" what to
expect from the pets in their game, you can look no further than the
individuals at Perfect World Entertainment's Jade Dynasty. In their
exclusive dev journal, you can learn all about your pets and how to
advance and attain them in the game. Personally, I favor the fuzzy
white bears, but that's just me.

are several ways to best use a pet during your Jade Dynasty
journeys. Players can simply summon them to have them assist in combat.
While in combat, a pet will gain its own experience
points—you will not
have to split EXP with your pet. Combat is never a bad option; pets
have an array of spells at their disposal. Players can also choose to
Fuse or Esperate their pets. Pet fusion allows a player and a pet to
become one, sharing their HP pool, reducing damage received and
increased resistances.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016