GamesRadar has put together a new feature for The Secret World discussing the game’s setting, creatures and real-world roots for two of the three playable secret societies. Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos lent some time to answer a few questions about the societies and how Funcom used their real-world roots to help enhance their design.

Whether you believe the theories or not, you have heard of these two and their influence is unquestionable. One of the greatest strengths of human beings is curiosity - the will to know about the man behind the curtain. TSW allows people to dig into that and pull back the curtain.

Read the full story at GamesRadar to learn more. If you’re still craving more, be sure to check out our look at The Secret World’s three secret societies.

Source: Why The Secret World is more interesting than the real world

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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