Interview with Damon Grow

The Game Musketeers have updated their site with this interview that takes a look at the current state of this upcoming game.

Kaos War seems to have a very interesting premise. It almost reminds me of the demonic (Al'Gar) versus the Divine (Deva) with the role of Humanity being deciding factor. How will the factions roles be defined in the game?

The essence of the game is a 3 faction struggle for dominance each being unique in their own right. Players will immediately feel a pull toward one or the other. Look, feel and combat styles play a major role. Each race will capture your imagination and give you a reason to fight and win. Quests and storylines shift and have impact depending on what you have accomplished both for your faction and individually. Players define their faction's destiny in more ways than one.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016