Yeah, I checked to make sure this wasn't a prank (news hunting is interesting when no one is being serious) but it is true, Legends of Zork has launched!!

This quirky game that inspires nostalgia in older gamers is dedicated to pure fun. As a casual, text-based and web-based game, many will find that they will be able to get in some playtime no matter how little or how much playtime you have Unfortunately, it was previously announced that LoZ would not be a MMO, but there is still plenty of fun to be had! Here is the release announcement:

We know it’s a bit risky launching anything on April 1st as a) some of you won’t believe us and b) some of you won’t believe anything on the Internet today. I applaud your skepticism. But today we be realer than real, yo. So go and have a look. We’re completely expecting a mix of tear-inducing criticism, some bemusement and even a few folks who downright like it. It’s a casual adventure game. Enjoy it as its name suggests.

On a side-note, we’ve got a barrel of other features in development, which will be added over time. Particularly more on the PVP side. While we hope to steal maybe ten minutes of your time a day, we aspire to twelve over time :)

Check out and give it a try!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016