Only 996 creations to go before they unlock the challenge.

Lego Universe needs your help to create a storyboard where the Lego Universe logo comes alive. Lego spent significant resources creating that logo, which you can watch
coming alive here. The storyboard technique shown is what they have challenged registered users with creating. Once 1,000 such stories have been created, Lego will unlock the challenge (whatever that means).

From the site:

Build a storyboard where the LEGO Universe logo comes alive!

Here are a few tips:

- The five image uploads on the Add a Creation page can be used as your five frames for the storyboard!

- Check out the News Network article on the logo coming to life. It features some sweet storyboards for inspiration!

- Get your hands on LEGO Universe newsletter #11’s VIP gift to score some fabulous features for your frames!

(You may be able to find clues about the VIP code on the message boards too...)

To participate, you'll need to log in (or register if you haven't previously) and then join the challenge at Lego Universe.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016