It is just a few more days until Aion launches the North American open beta giving thousands upon thousands of players a chance to play the release version of the game. Aion Producer Brian Knox shares a few words, including the announcement of open beta's start time of 9am PST, with the community regarding the final beta event in his Letter From the Producer.

Not only does Open Beta bring a number of game improvements and additions, you'll also notice that we had a major terminology overhaul to complete our effort of Westernizing the game. Many skills and items have changed since the Closed Beta Test and should be a welcome surprise as you explore the world.

While we feel the Open Beta version will provide a complete experience, we wanted to note that this is not our final update before launch. Our launch version is in internal testing, and it will continue to flesh out the 1.5 update with the help of your feedback and experiences in Open Beta.

Read the full Producer's Letter here on the official Aion website or read the 1.5 patch notes here for the full list of changes for open beta.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016