Player versus Player combat in any MMOG is often a tumuluous thing,
with battle often seen as a personal matter rather than a simple
competitive experience. One of the most prevalent PvP games - Lineage
II - has been coaxing players to engage in PvP for years. Recently, the
developers at NCsoft Austin brought together a vaiety of high end guild
leaders to discuss the epic sieges and battle that can take place in
the world of Lineage II. Ten Ton Hammer has posted this article, along
with nine screenshots, for your viewing pleasure!

style="font-style: italic;">What’s the most fun
you’ve ever had
in a Castle siege?

FeRsT ~ Kain ~: style="font-style: italic;"> That would have to be when we
took Rune on
Kain from the Teamjesus clan and Darkside/Ur/Bregan alliances. They had
been zerging the server, outnumbering us in PvP, and we proved to them
that with we could compete with equal numbers (about ten clans combined
for the siege). We took them down from their status of server kings to
show them that all they can do is zerg, and that was by far the best
thing, especially seeing it was Fraps’d by Repsol, who is by
far the
best movie maker in Lineage II playing currently.
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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016