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Since the introduction of the high-level grounds called Hellbound in style="font-style: italic;">The Kamael,
adventurers have been seeking a way into the deadly style="font-weight: bold;">Steel Citadel and
battle the epic boss Beleth himself. Now with the new update they have
the chance they’ve been waiting for. After earning an
extremely high level of trust from the Hellbound natives, adventurers
will soon learn from them how to gain access into the Steel Citadel and
the riches within—if they dare. In fact, players should make
sure their characters hit the new level cap (Level 85) before going in.

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An image of the Tower
of Naia.

The task in store for adventurers to reach Beleth is not easy. The
Steel Citadel itself is composed of four separate areas or
“towers,” which need to be conquered one at a time
before moving on to the next. Adventurers will start in the two-story
Base Tower,
featuring a labyrinthine first floor that features many
rapidly spawning creatures, and a second floor, which is composed of
several rooms and a long corridor. The second floor is where
adventurers can gain access to the other three towers in the Steel
Citadel—once they meet certain requirements for each.

Each adventurer in the party must possess Fiery Demon Blood, a special
Base Tower-oriented buff, before they can gain access to the style="font-weight: bold;">Tower of
Infinitum. The tower itself has five floors, each with two
rooms—adventurers ascend the tower through one set of rooms
and back down the tower through another set. Two major raid bosses are
in the Tower of Infinitum: the Demon Prince and Ranku, both of which
can be tough but well-organized parties should be able to take them

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The mini-boss Ranku.

After returning to the Base Tower, adventurers can then move on to
eight-story tower known as Tully’s
. After clearing
the initial levels they must defeat the raid boss Tully and then take
on a set of more powerful creatures, including Darion’s
Challengers and finally Darion himself. A deadly raid boss, Darion is
clad in heavy armor and wields a large sword and heavy shield. He may
use a combination of skillful attacks, such as slamming his shield and
utilizing a specialized physical attack called the Black Dragon Claw.
Once Darion is defeated, adventurers can then move on to the final
tower, the Tower of Naia.

The Tower of Naia is composed of three floors and heavy, sophisticated
machinery is spread throughout. Through a series of rooms adventurers
will battle followers of Beleth and the raid boss Epidos, though they
will only have a short amount of time to blow through each room.
Finally, there will be the battle against Beleth itself—or
more appropriately, one real Beleth and a number of fake Beleths (note
that while they may be fake, they are certainly no pushovers). This
will be one nasty battle, and Beleth has access to a series of deadly
skills like Chain Lightning and Fireballs, to complicate the attack.
Defeating Beleth, adventurers can say with pride that they have
defeated one of the most difficult raid encounters ever devised in
Lineage II.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016