The development team at Turbine has adhered to one very important aspect of game making with Lord of the Rings Online whether they realize it or not. Details, details, details. This week, Dalmarus finds himself scouring the halls of Thorin and braving the depths of Silver Deep Mine in his search for riches and glory. There may have been some mention to him about stopping Sauron and saving the world, but who knows? Read on to find out what currently has him so impressed!

Sure some of the other races can play the class as well, but honestly, they're nothing but posers no matter how they try to argue it. Dwarves are the caretakers and shapers of the earth itself, so if I had to play a good guy, there was no way I could go with someone that was short-lived (weak humans), frilly (yeah, that's you elves), and weighs less than fifty pounds soaking wet (start bulking up hobbits!).

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016