The story makes the movie, but is this true with video games also? RadarX takes a look at lore in EverQuest 2 and ponders it's necessity in the modern MMO.

Every good movie revolves around a well written story that draws in it's viewers and provides an element not found in more cookie cutter films. Video games are no different, in that a great game needs an amazing story. Immersion is a key point of focus I see tossed around industry news, stating that the players need to "feel a part of the game." This, however, works all too well when you're playing Doom 3 in the dark and a cat jumps in your lap. I felt immersed, but more importantly I felt the need for new underwear. One of the things that made the original EverQuest so powerfully immersive was it's rich lore. The story of every race, city, and dungeon was woven into a detailed tapestry of history, providing a vivid picture of Norrath's background.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016