A Recap of the End Events for LotRO's Closed Beta

The closed beta for Lord of the Rings Online finished up last night, and the whole experience ended with a bang. Turbine unleashed a horde of unforgettable monsters upon Middle Earth, but also deemed many members of the LotRO community worthy of an advance to level 50, albeit for just a short amount of time. Cody "Micajah" Bye was in the middle of the action last night and has brought a recap of the events straight from the heart of Middle Earth!

Before I made it back to Bree, I was instructed that there was indeed an event going on in Rivendell, but there were level 53 drakes involved. A high-level champion let me know that most of the mobs Turbine was spawning were indeed of a much higher level than my current status. I nearly cried. Level 53! I couldn't fight that at my current level, so I began asking around for the location of the level 50 buffs. The answer was: Trestle Bridge in the North Downs.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016