In other words, "Does it help to have Tolkien backing you up?"

Is pre-written lore a blessing or a curse in an MMO like Lord of the Rings Online. Some people feel it is to limiting, while others feel it makes the world even more rich in story and content. Martuk takes a look at this topic in greater detail in his editorial "Is Pre-Written Lore a Blessing or Curse?"

Many MMOs in today’s market are rich in creative lore. They use countless races, creatures, and people that help make the land rich in story. The creation of the lore is flexible and has always allowed for more story adaptations to be added later, but Lord of the Rings Online comes with a pre-written lore and guidelines that the developers must follow in order to stay true to the Tolkien story. Will this help them over the long term by providing a rich land of lore already written, or will this prove to be limiting in what type of content we could see in the future?

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016