From Seedlings to Halflings... Can Middle-Earth Maintain its Social Identity?

Seed, a game that billed itself as a non-combat / roleplay-centric MMORPG, closed down on Sunday, leading some to question whether an MMO that's more focused on socializing than achieving is feasible. Eáránë Táralóm from the LotroSource staff offers his thought-provoking opinions on the LotRO - Ten Ton Hammer site:

"Is a social MMO possible? Not on its own, no. But I think it is possible, as part of a new dynamic. Has it been done yet? Nope, not even close - yet. Will Lord of the Rings Online be the first game to truly recognize how important the social aspect of MMOs is to the current gaming demographic? I certainly hope so. I've banked my last three years on it."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016