Turbine has added another lovely Hero's Guide, this time bringing to life the Lone-lands. Read up on the lore of this region, view picturesque screenshots, and get the scoop on the locals all in this wonderful feature.

From the edge of Bree-land in the west to the verge of the Trollshaws in the east, the hills and swamps of the Lone-lands bear the ruins of kingdoms long dead. This land’s long history of war and woe has cut deep scars into its landscape and its people. The lonely road that gives the region its shape and purpose today is desolate at best and dangerous at worst. Even the road is a ruin from another time, passing beneath noble stone and broken rubble on its way from the civilization of Bree-land to the perilous woods of the Trollshaws and beyond.

"The ancient Arnorian watchtower of Amon Sûl, commonly called Weathertop, lingers still over the Great East Road, looming broken but unforgotten above the Lone-lands like an icon of the realm."

The most regal and prominent of the Lone-lands’ many ruins rises above the road like a symbol of the land’s sad legacy: Weathertop. Once known as Amon Sûl, it was a proud tower of vision and vigilance, but it fell in battle and sat derelict in the wild until now. Today, countless Orcs prowl through the place’s rubble, and the few Rangers who defend it cannot often deter them.

Far along the road in either direction, the shape of Weathertop stands stark against the sky, like a head wearing a battle-worn crown, reminding travelers and adventurers that the hills beneath their feet were once walked by kings and heroes—and may be again. Travelers in search of safe passage through the Lone-lands are wise to stick to the road, but it’s the accounts of those timid souls who travel only via the road that feed the region’s reputation for somber desolation and wide, bleak hills. Off the road, to the north and south, the Lone-lands hide rivers and bogs, breathtaking landscapes and sprawling ruined castles. But as you travel off the road, you venture toward ever more fearsome foes.

The darkest corner of this land hides an enemy so fell and terrible it chills even a Wizard’s blood.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016