Best MMO of Bangkok Interactive Festival to deploy in English.

Luna Online is a free to play fantasy based MMO being published in English speaking countries by Gala Inc. Luna Online offers:

"Match Making System, which helps players find the perfect match to play with, and the Family System, which lets players join up and operate a farm together. Other characteristics include flexible character development with over 40 jobs, superior graphics, cute character designs, and fast paced action."

Taking a page from the cross over games that seem to be a cross between action/adventure gaming and social community building, Luna Online boasts sign-up figures greater than one million users. There appears to be a trend in providing a platform for people to congregate and provide them with reasons to show up, like the "job" system. As in real life, if people are depending on you, you may have more of a reason to do your part. Especially if it is something you can't or wouldn't want to stake your "farm" on in real life. Try being a farmer in Luna Online instead!

The full English website is not up and running yet, but the developer Eya Interactive has some some information in English and you will download the game from gPotato when it releases shortly.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016