The Medal of Honor series is one of the most recognized first person shooters of this last console generation. Whether you started on the original on Playstation, or joined the Allied Assault for its big PC debut, it can proudly say it was big before Halo and Call of Duty struck gold. But can the series return to glory? EA employs the help of Battlefield developer DICE to try and revitalize the series with some modern flair, and compete against the Modern Warfare juggernaut!

You’ll take the role of several soldiers in the war on terror in Afghanistan over the course of the campaign. Battles will be won with your eyes between the sights of a rifle, manning a machinegun in the back of a truck, riding an ATV behind enemy supply lines, and even controlling a veritable battleship of laser guided weapons via laser targeting. You’ll have to be precise and deadly with these weapons, because your opponents are shooting to kill! A few good hits and you are down for the count, in single or multiplayer.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016