wife is a character creating
fiend. No matter what game she is playing she is constantly creating
and recreating characters. She may never play them at all, but there is
a need that drives her to continuously create new toons to feed her
character creation appetite. Each character she creates has to have the
perfect look and the perfect name and brave is the person who dares to
interrupt her during her creative journey.

While designing new toons has
never been for me, I know that my wife cannot be the only crazed
character creator out there. So it is with this in mind that I take you
inside the World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria beta to show you
something that is sure to make all of you with a passion for playing
Dr. Frankenstein squeal with delight; a brand new and very much
improved character creation menu.

Mists of Pandaria: WoW
Character Creation Menu

While the new character
creation menu was first introduced in the initial phase of the Mists of
Pandaria beta it was unpolished and rather lackluster in usefulness.
However, with the latest patch and the newest round of beta invites
things have changed. The character creation menu has been polished and
fine tuned. What we see today most likely closely resembles the
character creation screen players will get to experience when Mists of
Pandaria is finally available for all to play.

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As you can see from the above
pictures, the new Mists of Pandaria character creation menu looks more
than a little different from the one we see in game today. In fact when
comparing the two little has been left truly untouched. While no new
options have been added, almost all the old bars and menus have been
relocated and cleaned up for a more streamlined look and easier
creation process.

On the left side of the screen
players will still find their gender and race selectors, although the
two have been swapped in position, however, they will find that the
class bar as well as all appearance options have been removed from this
location. Instead the class
selection bar now makes it home prominently
on the left side of the screen that once housed the information
regarding your selected class and race. The name bar has also been
removed from this screen.

Instead of being a permanent
fixture on the screen, players will now be able to view this
information after selecting their class and race by clicking on the
“More Info” button on the bottom right. When this
button has been clicked the information will display on your screen for
your reading pleasure and can be closed once again by re-clicking the
“More Info” button. See the picture below for a
view of the WoW character creation screen with information text

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You may be a bit worried at
this point, wondering if you can no longer customize your character.
Let me assure you that this is not the case. In fact with the new Mists
of Pandaria character creation screen this process has become easier
than ever before. To view the customization menu players must select
their race and class and then click the next button where they will be
confronted with the new character creation menu in all its fresh and
shiny glory:

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All your old character
customization options are there and laid out nicely in a menu on the
top left of the screen. The bar for your name also has reappeared here
in the same spot it has always been. It is the menu on the right side
of the screen that is sure to have my wife and those like her excited.

Here Blizzard has added an
entirely new menu that shows you each individual option for character
customization. For example if you click on “Skin
Color” on the left as shown in the picture above, all various
skin colors available for that particular race will be displayed on the
left. The same holds true for each customization option available.

For the first time ever WoW
players will be able to view all the customization options available to
them instead of vacantly scrolling through a menu. This new feature
revolutionizes the way WoW playesr will create their characters making
the entire process easier and faster than ever before. When your
customizations are finished and your name is selected simply click the
“Finish” button to create your character and
continue onward into your WoW journey.

While the old character
creation screen was fully functional and could have lasted for many
more years to come, this new screen is a breath of fresh air that is
sure to please many players. In fact, this new Mists of Pandaria
character creation screen may even have the potential to inspire even
lackluster character creationists like me join in the character
creating craze. What do you think of the new and improved character
creation screen? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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