This week marks the end of NCsoft's science fiction themed Tabula Rasa ending all conflict against the Bane. This isn't a time for sadness, joy, or blame but an opportunity to learn from the game and it's development. We have identified 10 important lessons that cover everything from content to community management and how players and developers alike can walk away with something.

1. Before Tabula Rasa's launch in November of 2007, NCsoft had an extensive beta program that was used as much for promotion as it was for testing. This isn't an unusual practice but putting tens of thousands of potential customers into an incomplete client is risky and can cause potential harm. In this case it completely backfired. Negative reviews and comments far outweighed the positive. Despite assurances that the issues were being addressed and wouldn't exist at launch, many potential fans were dissuaded from purchasing the retail box.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016