MMO Gamer recently got the chance to sit down with City of Heroes Senior Designer Joe Morrissey to talk about the Mission Architect system. In the interview, Morrissey explains how he was the one that suggested letting players develop their own content evolved into the current system we have today. What began as a simple request for an upgrade of the design tools became the Mission Architect system. The story of how this system came to be is a bit of a funny one as Morrissey explains resources were thin and the engineer team only helped fuel his idea by not being able to aid him in getting new development tools.

The interview also touches on a few other things like some of the great missions being developed by players, and what the system has added to the game. All in all it's a pretty good read if you're interested in the Mission Architect system or the idea of player created content.

We had one guy that actually consistently put out a new arc each week, and it had this whole through line of the story, with different characters that came in and came out, even what felt like you were making a choice at the end of it.

You can read the entire interview here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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