If all the emails or IMs that the Ten Ton Hammer staff receives about using MMOs as resume material is any indication, the idea is a hot topic for gamers these days. When so much of our time is spent behind a computer screen, why not hope to take advantage of what we learned? Darren Gladstone, a senior writer over at PC World, discusses that very idea in his latest Casual Friday blog and proposes some interesting concepts to think about.

"A Born Leader"

You know how to make a commitment and you're not afraid to get your hands dirty to achieve team objectives. The experts agree that an MMO guild is the best place to start (though some guilds are better than others). You devote time and energy to your guildmates, prioritize quests, and pull long hours for glory (not to mention epic loot). While you could form your own guild and cut out the middleman, working your way up through the channels and receiving promotions is a better way to hone you ability to lead others--and to strengthen your interpersonal skills in the process.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016