Our orcs would kick your orcs' backsides if you know what I mean.

Standing tall on the fact that Realm versus Realm is the great separator for Warhammer Online over World of Warcraft or any other game for that matter, Mark Jacobs spoke to Gamasutra about Mythic's history and how it has evolved since their first games. There are been significant changes in the MMO industry since Mythic's launch of Dark Age of Camelot. Surprisingly, the industry is similar, but the names of the 800 pound gorillas have changed. Last time it was Everquest, and now it's World of Warcraft. Mythic stood their ground with Dark Age of Camelot and are not afraid to bring the noise with WAR either:

"We're not saying we're going to beat [Blizzard], but we're not afraid of them," Jacobs tells Gamasutra as part of an in-depth interview published today. "We have our own hook; that's [realm versus realm combat], and we're pushing it and we're pushing it, just as we're pushing other innovations in the game. Blizzard is number one; we don't mind being number two, especially if it's a competitive number two. I can't worry about that."

Mark delves into the fact that the risks are much greater financially than they used to be as well:

"Back in 2001, you didn't have to spend anywhere near the amount of money you do on an MMO now," he points out. "Look at what we spent on Camelot: $2.5 million developing it, $650,000 in marketing it. You couldn't spend that on a triple-A MMO now if your life depended on it! You just couldn't! It would get you nothing in terms of content."

And last but certainly not least, Mark discusses the smooth launch of WAR:

""When you also look at our downtime -- only one patch in almost seven days -- that's a pretty tough record to beat when you look at the launches of every other MMO, including WoW," he says. "Especially WoW."

Are the gloves coming off, or is it a developer that is proud of his work and basking in the afterglow of a good launch? Whatever it is, the crew of Mythic Entertainment has backed up everything they said they were going to do so far and this is no different. My hat is off to them for a nice smooth launch and I'm looking forward to getting a few more levels so I can pour boiling oil on people trying to invade a keep! Read the rest of the article at Gamasutra.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016