Welcome to my second Mythos Beta Journal. If you missed the first one,
you can still find it href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/28866">here.
In this installment, I'll describe the multiplayer aspect of style="font-style: italic;">Mythos,
reveal more about the classes, discuss my experience on the Elite
difficulty setting, and share some video footage I captured.

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href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/29156" title="Firefight"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px; height: 160px;" alt=""

style="font-style: italic;">Ralsu and Wife of
Ralsu pose together in Mythos.

Some Loose Ends

those who read the first Mythos Beta Journal, I wanted to make sure I
iterated the following information. In my discussion of character
creation, I noted that the Accessories option had no discernible effect
on my human. In my second play session, I made a satyr and learned that
I can change the shape and size of my horns with the Accessories
option. Additionally, I asserted that the isometric view is
view for all the action no matter how cool Vanity Cam looks in my first
impression of the graphics. I have since learned that Flagship Studios
is working on an internal build that allows over-the-shoulder view and
WASD key movement instead of click-to-move.

Enter Wife of Ralsu

the best I can tell, it seems that every current beta tester gets a
limited number of invitations he can send for other beta testers.
Always my faithful partner and a fan of style="font-style: italic;">Diablo-style
action games herself, my wife wanted to join me. I used one of my beta
invitations on her. The email arrived in mere seconds, and she easily
downloaded and installed the client. She encountered two issues I did
not. She needed to install an update that made the game work with
Windows Vista (I still run XP). Then she had to update her video card
drivers to eliminate some flickering around light sources in-game.
Neither of these was a major hassle, and the video card driver--which
required a restart--should have been current anyway. Tsk Tsk, wife of

style="margin: 10px; border-collapse: collapse; float: right; width: 136px; height: 165px;"

href="http://www.tentonhammer.com/node/29155" title="Firefight"> style="border: 0px solid ; width: 200px; height: 160px;" alt=""

style="font-style: italic;">The Howling Shaman
is an early boss in Mythos.

Party over Here

wife of Ralsu set to play, we created our characters. She got in
slightly before me because I got hung up on making Ralsu look juuuust
right. Here we found our first problem: we couldn't see each other. I
suspected immediately that we might be in different instances of the
starter area. I opened my Friends list and added her character. I then
discovered I could click her name on the Friends list to invite her to
my party or send a whisper (private message, or tell, for the
uninitiated). Very cool. But we still could not see each other.

I suggested we try going into the starter dungeon and see if we landed
in the same map. No luck again. We each cleared our maps and moved on
to the first real town, Stonehill. The first trip to Stonehill requires
players to traverse a path (an overland map) filled with mobs. We were
separated there, too. We finally came together in Stonehill and were
not separated again during our play session. At this point, I do not
know if we were required to solo the first dungeon and overland map, or
if we were just in separate instances of the same zones. The Flagship
developers have promised to give players a way to see which instance of
a zone they are in with an upcoming patch, so I don't expect it to be a

reading. Next up, I talk Elite mode and give a glimpse at the
Pyromancer and Bloodletter classes.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016