NCsoft announces new MMO Blade and Soul!

Having traveled through time and space, NCsoft turns to its next adventure, an Oriental Martial Arts MMO named Blade & Soul. This from N4G:

Main Characteristics

• Oriental Martial Arts Action: It is full of symbolic and well known Oriental martial art elements such as ‘Energy Ball’, ‘Inner Energy’, ‘Swift jump,’ etc. The important themes of Oriental martial art fantasies such as justice and chivalry are richly spread throughout the game by means of martial art.

• Oriental-features: Breaking away from the traditional medieval fantasy world, it takes an Oriental mysticism as the background environment. The basic world-view is based on the Korean myth ‘Song of Genesis,’ and the factions within the game are also modeled after Korean mythological characters

• Constantly Changing Environment: Within ‘Blade&Soul,’ many conditions change according to the play of the gamer, on the other hand, the environment creates diverse situations for the gamers. This system will provide the gamers with a new experience that has not been witnessed until now.

• Powerful Action: The main motto of battles within ‘Blade&Soul’ is ‘super powerful action’ that can distinguish itself from existing games. Players can knock back opponents and use diverse fancy skills according to the condition the gamers are posed in. The game aspires to provide battles that are enjoyable even by just watching them. Everyone can enjoy the battles of ‘Blade&Soul’ through simple comtrol.

Reading the marketing materials and then between the lines, I see several ways NCsoft is attempting to distinguish Blade & Soul from the current crop of games. They are setting the bar fairly high with some of these claims. Can they achieve all of these goals? Is the market ready willing and able to consume a martial arts themed MMO? Are you more excited about ninjas than pirates? I can't wait to see the variations of Bruce Lee character names!

Read the rest of the announced information at N4G.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016