Two great games now available in the same box.

Unlike Oreo cookies, the City of Heroes and City of Villians games have been two great flavors not sold in the same box. Until now. NCsoft announced today that they will officially combine the two games into one game universe. This seems like a natural progression for continuing to advance both games and according to NCsoft:

"...we felt the time was right to truly consolidate the City of Heroes and City of Villains universe,” said Brian Clayton, General Manager and Executive Producer. “We have removed all restrictions that were created when City of Villains launched in order to make way for some really cool content and features we have in the pipeline. This is an evolution of the IP that lays the foundation for what’s to come."

This announcement carries a lot more weight than just marrying the two complimentary games. It appears that NCsoft is continuing its commitment to the game by investing the time, effort and money for added player enjoyment. Streamlining the content for one global universe instead of two separate worlds should also aid them in adding features:

"Uniting the City of Heroes universe enables the development team to focus on other features slated to come in future installments. Improvements to Supergroup Bases and raids, an offline character reward system, and the previously revealed Mission Maker are just some of the systems that will see the benefits of a unified City of Heroes game."

See you in Paragon City, or Rogue Isle, now in the same zip code!

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016