Steam punkers rejoice!

NeoSteam, from JoyImpact, enjoyed their closed beta testers so much that they have announced the launch of their second Closed Beta Test (CBT) in a notice sent to Ten Ton Hammer.

This time get ready to fully harness the power of steam!

Get ready for 3 days of nonstop action and adventure as NeoSteam 2nd CBT opens a new place to level up much faster -- Rear Land!

Unfold the epic war of the 3 nations and gear up for the launching of NeoSteam's RvR system!

Experience a much intense NeoSteam ever before! Get to play your previous characters but this time feel some new changes!

Mark your calendars now and don't miss NeoSteam's 2nd CBT!

NeoSteam's 2nd Closed Beta Test will run from Friday, May 9, 00:00 (+9GMT) to Sunday, May 11, 2008, 16:00 (+9GMT). This beta test is open to all those who have a closed beta account. So all of you Steamers who received beta keys in our previous giveaway will get the chance to dust off your weapons and join in the battle for control of the neosteam once more!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016