City of Heroes coming update, Issue 16: Power Proliferation, will allow players the chance to customize the look of their very own powers. This week NCsoft released several new screenshtots and a new "Developer's Diary" discussing some of the coming changes and modifications to power sets slated for the Issue 16 update.

For Issue 16: Power Spectrum, we wanted to proliferate more powersets; at least one per archetype.  In looking at which sets to shift around, there were a number of considerations that had to be examined.  There wasn't a specific rule, it was more the circumstances of development which really guided the decisions.  As the art team was busy with Powerset Customization, we tried to stay away from sets that required too much animation or FX work.  We also wanted to fill in matching Themes where we could, like with adding Assault Rifle and Traps to Defenders. In other instances we wanted to fill in highly requested options, such as adding Claws to Brutes.  In the end though, there are just far too many aspects to cover individually, but I’d definitely like to highlight some examples.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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