CCP is giving EVE Online's avatars a makeover with its upcoming expansion, Incursion. In a recent dev blog, CCP details the upcoming changes to avatars and offers up a new list of features. New unique models for each bloodline, race and gender have been designed, offering a total of 24 new options complete with new hairstyles and clothes. The devs even took the time to add shoe and underwear options.

The new options will require players to update their avatars once it goes live and is meant to pave the way for allowing players to explore the corridors of space stations in the upcoming Incarna expansion. The first phase of the Incarna expansion that will allow players to walk around with their avatars is due out summer of 2011. Players who want to test out the new avatar changes can do so when they deploy to the Singularity test server in the next few days.

This is a major overhaul in terms of art and technology, and paves the way for allowing you to explore the corridors of space stations in subsequent expansion. Yes, just to be clear, Incarna, the expansion where you can walk around as an avatar is not coming out this winter, but the first release of it is planned to come out next summer, in 2011. However, in the same way we introduced new planet graphics in Dominion and then Planetary Interaction one expansion later, we are introducing updated avatar graphics now in Incursion.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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