City of Heroes has offered up a few new details about its upcoming Incarnate system today. The first part of the new system is scheduled to deploy with Issue 19: Alpha Strike. The new system will offer players Incarnate abilities, new skills and powers that will work with existing power sets. There are 10 known slots and possibly more that players can obtain, each offering new Incarnate abilities that expands into multiple trees and allows for a wide-range of customization to create better, and in some cases new powers.

Each Incarnate slot offers multiple trees or branches that you can select from, allowing for greater customization of existing powers and even letting your character gain never-before-seen powers. Every major content update will reveal new Incarnate abilities.

Don't get too excited. Just because you unlock an Incarnate slot doesn't mean you instantly get the new abilities. In some cases you'll need to obtain certain Incarnate components from high-level enemies to craft abilities.

Additional Incarnate abilities are planned for every major content update. Check out the full preview on the Going Rogue website for more details.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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