Voyage Century Online is getting a new dose of content in the form of the Glory Arena. This new arena allows for PvP between players that records the rankings automatically. To show off this new content IGG has sent us four new screenshots of the soon to be blood filled Glory Arena.

Voyage Century Online Adds New Glory Arena

To provide players with super cool gaming experience, Voyage Century Online ( will introduce a brand new map named Glory Arena, where those battle-hardened and cold-blooded fighters would strive hard for respect and glory. Team up with your fierce buddies to stand up to ruthless enemies for the highest honor!

Players are allowed to check their ranks and fight records in the Arena. Upon entering the lists, you have a choice to challenge other players. And the system will automatically record the results of every challenge. If you win, your points get accumulated. If you are not so lucky, no points would be forfeited. Not only that, you can be put back in action for gratis after being brought down.

Through continued grinding in the lists, top 16 will advance to the second phrase which carries 2-outta-3 matches only. Glory Arena is only open twice a week in order for players to take back enough energy. So you are supposed to maintain a pretty high winning percentage to pick high points. The top 3 players expect really fat rewards.

VCO would record preceding champions and top 3 of this competition. Tons of Imperial Guardian's Clothes, Sea Guardian's Clothes and rare gold coin are all up for grabs. Do not miss out on the golden opportunity to have your name passed down for many generations to come!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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