Bridge Building 101

Way back, in the early stages of Vanguard's development, Sigil
announced that they would have no official forums at launch, and would
instead use the Vanguard affiliate community as a sounding board. In
this week's newsletter and blog, Shayalyn takes a look at where this
program his succeeded, and where it has fallen short, and asks Sigil to
build a bridge between the developers and the Vanguard community. Are
you being heard? Read the blog, then speak out.

Vanguard communities across the Interwebs have
debated endlessly as to
whether this program was a good idea. I’m not here to do
that, because
by this time the program is in action and the point is moot. What I do
want to talk about is whether the idea of spreading the community out
to Vanguard affiliate sites is actually working
for the community.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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