It's Friday! And for a lot of us this means a weekend of gaming and general life enjoyment. WOOHOO!! So happy weekend goodness to everyone, and here is what I've dug up in my usual rounds of semi-celeb stalking...

Raijinn, our fearless forum guru, gets all nostalgic on us in a blog entry celebrating the Nintendo 8-bit.

We all know that the Nintendo Company was around before the consoles however 1983 was the year that they got their hit product the Famicom on the market in Japan. 2 years down the line in 1985 Famicom production went world wide, only under the name of Nintendo Entertainment System or NES as it’s affectionately known as. The design of the system also changed to suit a more global market and thus my addiction to gaming would truly start.

And on this fabulous Friday, Aggro Me uncovers The V-Files!

With last week's news of a Vanguard/SOE co-publishing deal, a multitude of forums were abuzz with whispers, rumors and conspiracy theories. I put my most powerful tinfoil hat on and delved into a land of madness. As I dug deeper and deeper I uncovered more and more terrifying secrets. I began to put together a list of information which I termed "The V Files." What I discovered may shock you. The following revelations may very well cost me my life, but the truth is now out there.

Now that is just a hilarious read. And if Aggro Me is anywhere near as hot as Mulder, then I am so sold. Think Moorgard and Blackguard could be the Lone Gunmen? *ponders the thought*

Enjoy the Friday reads, and have a great weekend everyone!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016