Lead Designer Randy Mosiondz gives some insight into laying the foundations of Cryptic's upcoming superhero themed MMO game called Champions Online. Covering subjects such as listening to your players the necessity of a flexible game engine, there is plenty of insight into how this game is coming together. He even mentions a little about player generated content being a long term goal so it's worth a quick read.

The fan community is the lifeblood of any MMORPG.? ?While developers can come up with any number of cool game design concepts,? ?it really comes down whether it is engaging to your expected player base.? ?Even with trends towards casual play MMORPGs tend to be a large personal investment for players,? ?so why not listen to what they have to say?? ?Cryptic Studios prides itself on having a good rapport with its fan base and guiding game development based on player feedback.? ?The core game development is still firmly in the hands of the dev team but we always seriously consider the community's concerns as we continue to develop our games and adjust course when necessary.? ?While you're never going to please everyone,? ?a smart developer knows how invaluable it is to listen to what the fan community is saying,? ?to figure out if and how it fits in the overall game plan,? ?and to see what they can do to incorporate it within available time and budget.?

Source: Massively

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016