I've never been graceful. I'm also not very good at FPS games, simply because I don't have the hand eye coordination to compete with the other players. So with that said you may have noticed a missing Awen for the last few days. Ok, well I would hope that you missed me although it was most likely, everyone didn't realize I was away.

But to the point, sometime Friday night I wrecked my wrist beyond all believable comprehension. What does that mean you ask? I have no idea. I was drinking. (Kids don't try this at home) and ended up waking the next day with a pain in my.. er wrist.

The consequences? I haven't played WoW in seven days. My guild probably thinks me dead and I've gone insane for lack of anything interesting to do. When one has to type one handed it makes the challenge a little too challenging.

So what's going on? Have I missed anything important? Tell Me!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016