There are loads of online games based on comic book characters. In fact, it could be said that nearly any comic character that is popular enough is going to inspire a game of some kind. In many cases, a character that is popular enough is going to inspire an endless series of games that people are going to remake over and over again. A character that has been portrayed in television series and in film series is probably also going to be portrayed in online games as well, so the people who are looking for games involving their favorite characters should never be surprised to find them very well-represented.
For one thing, even teams of comic characters are going to be well represented in online games. People will see the X-men in all sorts of online games today, even though this series of characters is from comics that peaked in popularity during the 1980's. Today, the X-men are still very popular as film characters, and they are going to continue to be very popular as the subjects of online game characters.
Wonder Woman has been a very popular gaming character for a while, even though it took a very long time for a Wonder Woman movie to be in the works and the television series that starred Wonder Woman was from the 1970's and is primarily remembered for kitsch reasons today. Still, plenty of people read comics that involve Wonder Woman, and Wonder Woman has a great deal of cultural penetration for everyone. As such, it should not be surprising that she is going to inspire all manner of online games. Now that there is going to be a Wonder Woman movie that has been highly anticipated for a long time, more and more companies are going to be interested in trying to create online games that are based on this particular comic character.
The situation becomes more complicated in the case of comics that have a certain degree of Internet popularity but that do not have a great deal of mainstream popularity in the modern world. It should be noted that the most popular comic characters were nearly exclusively created in the middle of the twentieth century or the late twentieth century at the very latest. There have been very few popular comic characters that were created in the last few decades. The majority of the superhero movies that have been released in recent years are all rehash in one way or another, and the people who are looking for comic characters that are entirely new are going to have to turn to what the Internet has to offer.
The people who are going to be created their own web comic strips are not necessarily going to be good at creating games, so people are not always going to manage to find games that are based on these more obscure characters unless they are going to be able to fund them on the various crowd funding websites. Of course, this situation is going to make things somewhat better for sites like IC, which may or may not be able to cash in on the fact that there are plenty of obscure characters who could use a little more recognition when it comes to games that might have been made in their honor.
Of course, IC can also take advantage of all of the different online games that are already going to be based on the most popular of comic characters. There are lots of great comic characters out there who have stayed popular for nearly a century for a reason. IC can use them and the obscure characters.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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