Coming up with themes for new online games is a very under-appreciated art. The largest and highest profile game production companies such as Microgaming have a portfolio running well into the hundreds, featuring games with a dazzling array of themes and styles. Therefore it stands to good reason that online slots gaming and movie tie-ins make for a natural fit, as not only does this provide a straightforward theme that the player will be able to instantly appreciate, but also it makes for a higher profile release when launched onto the market. 
There's literally dozens of movie based slots games which can be played on a smartphone, tablet, PC and - increasingly - even smartwatches. Given that these are considerable investments for the production company in terms of purchasing rights and developing a new game, the good news for players is that in many cases these kind of games offer as enjoyable an experience as you'll find anywhere. Indeed certain titles such as The Dark Knight have been around a while now and yet still score towards the top of popularity leader boards. 
Other good news for players is that thanks to the performance of modern technology, enjoying movie based games on a personal device is now essentially the same quality as you'd expect playing a casino based machine. You need only browse the selection of games at All Jackpots Casino Slots Online for an example of how rich and colorful the market is for top-end gaming, especially those that feature a big name movie tie-in. 

Classics & Blockbusters To Suit All Tastes 

We already mentioned very popular The Dark Knight, and it may be easy to presume that most movie/game associations are going to be action and adventure based. There's certainly plenty of those themed styles of game, but just a scroll through the listings and you'll see plenty of classic movies represented too - often with a refreshing amount of lighthearted humor too. Some examples would include: 
Forrest Gump. One of the best movies ever for delivering punchy one liners, this game is a great example of how a slots game can also complement a story line as the players strives to help Forrest find Jenny, the love of his life. All the memorable characters Forrest encounters over the movie are featured, making for a refreshingly relaxed dose of nostalgia for the 1994 modern day classic. 
Star Trek.
As might be expected from a series with so many films to play with, there's a couple of Star Trek games out there and it's almost certain that they'll be growing in numbers with the release of any more episodes. Regularly scoring very well in feedback and customer popularity polls, it's also one of the games which players tend to remain most loyal towards. 
Titanic. A great example of how many movie based slots games replace the traditional numbers with stills from the storyline, the idea being to match them into a progressive script. It's clever and a great way of encouraging the player to rack their brains trying to remember sequences and story development. 

Final Thoughts

As we've seen movies and online slots are a match made in heaven, and rather than being novelties in many cases this kind of game includes some of the most generally popular releases. High profile or not, the fact is that people will only play these games on a regular basis if they enjoy the format and feel comfortable with the style of the game. It's likely that the additional pressure generated by these high profile releases plays a major role in explaining why they are consistently excellent. 


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Last Updated: May 31, 2016

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