Planting a Seed? - Is an MMOG centered on social interaction viable?

Seed, a dev-described "non-combat, roleplay centric MMORPG" announced its imminent closure at the end of September. More than just a lamentable end to Danish developer Runestone's dream, the event has sparked questions about the viability of an MMOG apart from the WoW model, and specificly whether or not a non-combat "cooporative puzzle" style MMOG is viable. Ethec attempts to answer that question in this week's editorial.

"The more I think about the Seed closure, the more I realize how big an endeavor a truly original game is. Not only must a pioneering developer have compelling new ideas, the development team must think very carefully about the learning curve - how best to expose players to your new ideas so that a critical mass of players eventually catches on and tells all their friends about this cool new game with feature "x" that will (assuredly) redefine the genre."

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016