This looks like a good patch, said the pirate to the parrot!

**The patch notes are GIGANTIC... click the more button to see the full deal**

*** Headlines ***

- See your enemies in a whole new way with our new /con system!
- Short-duration group buffs now last 10 minutes! Single-target buffs last 15 minutes!
- No more fizzles on spells that are blue or lower to you, and less fizzles on other spells!
- Shorter timers and less restrictions on instanced zones!
- Give your beloved house pets a name!
- All tradeskill classes can now refine their own materials and components!
- Wizards and Warlocks go nuke happy!
- Tanks now tank better with increased mitigation!
- Strike back at your rival city through new sabotage quests!
- More encounters added for soloers and small groups, including solo instanced dungeons!
- You can now store empty bags inside other bags!
- Improved examine information for spells, arts, potions, and more!
- Four new level 50 epic raid zones have been added!
- Now easier to search for potions, poisons, activated items, and food!
- Even more residents of Norrath gain their voices with our optional voiceover download!
- Choose different Traits, Traditions, Tactics, and Training options!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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