If you love something, let it go... unless it's your spirit shard.. that quest has been fixed!

*** Gameplay ***

  • Spirit shard recovery quests will once again appear in the active tab of the quest journal. The wisp trail leading to the shard has returned.
  • Added the level 20 Training choices for Inquisitors.
  • Decreased the experience necessary for guilds to achieve levels 21 and higher. If your guild is already over level 20, you will notice a gain in its XP bar.
  • Writs issued by Executor Adept Sal'ynelle in North Qeynos and Commissioner Venilos in West Freeport should now provide coin rewards when completed.
  • Rask Helstot will now talk to players who previously exited from their conversation with him.
  • The "History of the Condemned Catacomb" quest should now advance properly when killing Necrosis Seers.
  • Brutes and butchers for the "Gobblerock's Hideout" quest should now appear where the journal specifies.
  • The Gobbler and other wandering creatures can now be found in Gobblerock's Hideout.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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