Another day, another patch.

*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***

- T'Rath the Usurper has gotten better at healing himself.

*** Gameplay ***

- Grouped players can now obtain the item needed for access to the Invasion of the Vale.
– The levels on the Orcish Wastes gravestone quests have been raised to be more appropriate for level 30 to 40 adventurers.
- The Swine Lord should no longer be dropping the treasure normally reserved for the Swine Fiend.
- Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause character models not to load at their highest detail settings.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- The recast timers for hostile toggleable spells (such as debuffs) will once again refresh properly if the target resists the spell.
- The following Troubador stat song buffs no longer share the same reuse timer: Raxxyl's Energizing Harmony, Raxxyl's Vivacious Descant, Niv's Song of Harmony, and Rousing Tune/Vhalen's Stirring Ballad. Please note that Rousing Tune and Vhalen's Stirring Ballad do share the same reuse timerm so only one can be up at once.
- Ruse will now display its feign death effect for only one second.

*** Tradeskills ***

- The recipes for Fir Cudgel, Oak Cudgel, and Cedar Cudgel have been added to Advanced Woodworker Volume 21, 31, and 41, respectively.
- The following crafted containers now have more than 20 slots: Crude Oak Strong Box (21), Shaped Oak Strong Box (22), Oak Strong Box (23), Pristine Oak Strong Box (24), Crude Teak Strong Box (21), Shaped Teak Strong Box (22), Teak Strong Box (23), Pristine Teak Strong Box (24), Crude Cedar Strong Box (25), Shaped Cedar Strong Box (26), Cedar Strong Box (27), Pristine Cedar Strong Box (28).
- The following recipes have been added:
- Level 22 Weaponsmith: Carbonite Dagger
- Level 27 Weaponsmith: Carbonite Great Spear
- Advanced Level 22 Weaponsmith: Steel Dagger
- Advanced Level 27 Weaponsmith: Steel Great Spear
- Level 32 Weaponsmith: Feyiron Dagger
- Level 37 Weaponsmith: Feyiron Great Spear
- Advanced Level 32 Weaponsmith: Feysteel Dagger
- Advanced Level 37 Weaponsmith: Feysteel Great Spear
- Level 42 Weaponsmith: Fulginate Dagger
- Level 47 Weaponsmith: Fulginate Great Spear
- Advanced Level 42 Weaponsmith: Ebon Dagger
- Advanced Level 47 Weaponsmith: Ebon Great Spear

*** Optional Voiceover ***

- Another 25MB of City Ecology voiceover is now available for download.
- To enable optional downloads, run EverQuest II and click "Download Options" on the launchpad. Select the optional audio packs you would like to download and click the "Save Changes" button.
- Note: This download is part of the 400+ MB optional voiceover update offered on February 16. If you previously downloaded the following files, you already have this optional voiceover data:

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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