By " less erratic" they mean still very erratic. =)

*** The Bloodline Chronicles ***

- Players on the D'Morte Family Crest quest can now complete it in the standard instances of the Tombs of Night and the Crypt of T'Haen.

*** Gameplay ***

- The Chestplate of Colossus can now be equipped in the chest slot.

*** Spells and Combat Arts ***

- Secondary spell effects should now work properly if the primary effect is broken. For instance, Paralyzing Fear should cast its fear effect if the root portion is broken by an attack.

*** Quests ***

- Those who have previously started the Erollisi Day quests will now be able to complete them. The quests can no longer be initiated, however.
- Characters who were not able to take the boat to Lavastorm should now be able to receive the quest.

*** Zones and Population ***

- Pathing in Nektropos Castle should be less erratic.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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