Mythic Entertainment's Paul Barnett continues his href="" target="_blank">ongoing
GDC blog
by giving us a small update into what his first day at the conference
will entail. From his descriptions, it sounds like its one part love
and one part hate. If there's ever anyone that can translate an inner
voice into equally entertaining words on the paper, it's Paul Barnett.
Make sure you take a look, then check out all of his href="" target="_blank">GDC
'09 blogs.

may bruise your ears to find out that I have a PR handler, but EA
can get quite jumpy when I am out and about giving talks. They find my
… candor... a little hard to take. So they assign some poor
soul to
walk around and be ready at an instant to slap tape over my mouth or to

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016