Due to a growing fanbase that is both rabid and respectful, Perfect World International has been gradually gaining in popularity since its North American release. After hearing so much about it, Dalmarus recently took some time to give the game a whirl. The first few hours of gameplay were powerful enough to keep the Ten Ton Hammer writer engaged in the game for longer than he expected, and he decided it warranted a deeper look. Did PWI stand up to the intense scrutiny of our resident disdainer of F2P games? Find out in his full Perfect World International review!

Before we go much further, heed a small piece of advice from a fellow gamer geek... if you are a player that tends to skip all the quest text in a game, you'd better break yourself of that habit immediately or you'll be left wandering the land without a clue. The perpetual look of blatant confusion plastered on your face will have strangers in the street commenting on how remarkable your resemblance is to some former politicians, and nobody wants that.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016