Petroglyph moves from the RTS ranks to the MMO melee.

Announced today, Petroglyph (of very good games like Star Wars: Empire at War, and Universe at War - and no I'm not biased), has teamed up with publisher True Games Interactive to bring us a new MMO, Mytheon. Mytheon is a fantasy based title with a "heavy emphasis on collectability and combat." It promises to bring together action, strategy and RPG in addition to real time combat, PvP and an integrated social network. According to the press release, the game changer for Mytheon is:

"In the game, players will collect and customize a vast assortment of "Power Stones" which are used to conjure devastating spells and summon faithful minions in climactic battles against monsters and other players. Mytheon will offer three distinct character classes, each specializing in a specific "Power Stone" type, such as summoning or healing."

The other twist for a triple A title in North America is that Mytheon is centered on microtransactions so heat up the comments forum, people are coming to eat. What do you think, can the solid RTS studio, Petroglyph bring a fantasy based setting to the arena now? Having played Empire at War, I tend to believe they can, but what do you think about the gameplay and the microtransactions? The new website is now up and running at Mytheon.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016