Ahoy, Mateys! Changing
Seas Ahead

Flying Labs Software announced some upcoming changes to their beta
program. Flying Labs recently pulled into port with Sony Online
Entertainment (SOE), who will publish the title. The new partnership
means some beta transitions:

Pending Wipe

While the integration process is a promising step in the right
direction, it unfortunately requires a wipe of our game database. The
wipe date itself is expected to commence on September 10th, and more
instructions on how that process will work are forthcoming. But wait,
there's more! We understand that a wipe is not something anyone enjoys,
so in an effort to mitigate any potential frustration, we've devised a
way to have a little fun before all is said and done.

If you missed this beta announcement, we've got your back, sailor!
You'll find it here.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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