All Hands on Deck!

Pirates are to games as sprinkles are to ice cream. Let's face
it—it's just plain fun to be a pirate. You get to swagger
around saying things like "arrr" and "me hearties", drink rum, loot
plunder, and sail the high seas. In Flying Lab Software's upcoming
pirate-themed MMOG Pirates of the Burning Sea you get to live a
nautical pirate-themed experience, and whether you're fighting them or
you are them, the end result boils down to a great, piratey time. Ten
Ton Hammer was given the opportunity at PAX 2007 to have a full
hands-on with the tutorial to the game.

The first thing I noticed was the huge range of options available to
me. You can manipulate virtually everything about your character, even
down to individual accessories and clothing pieces, and each of the
four nationality choices (English, French, Spanish, or Pirate) have a
unique visual look to their garb. When I asked about the robust system,
Donna explained that it was a heavily modified version of the same
system used by City of Heroes/City of Villains—pretty
exciting for people who really want to make a unique avatar!

Check out the hands-on preview href="">here!

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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