Sit Right Back and You'll
Hear a Tale...

Flying Lab Software's Pirates of the Burning Sea had a strong presence
at PAX 2007 with multiple demo stations and a big pirate-themed booth.
Although the Flying Labs people were pretty busy answering questions
and handing out beta keys, the Ten Ton Hammer staff managed to kidnap
their Public Relations representative, Theresa Pudenz, and question her
in our brig. She was remarkably nice and chatty for being a prisoner on
the high seas, so we decided to let her go instead of making her walk
the plank (we're not as fearsome as you might hear, but don't tell
anyone that-- we have a reputation to maintain).

TTH: How important are
weapon and skill choices in the naval combat?

Theresa: Once you play for a bit you'll realize that you have hundreds
of skills available for you to use in whatever combination you like as
well as seven different ammo types. I don't even know how many ways
there are to attack your opponent: you can take out their hull, or
their sales, or their crew; whatever strategy you want to try.

So, say you take out their sails with a chain shot. If you take them
out completely, they're a sitting duck. They can't move anywhere, and
they can shoot because they still have cannons, but that's it. Unless
they have a consumable, they're done.

Ahoy! I'm out of Pirate puns! Fortunately, we have a great href="">interview
to entertain you.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016

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