Playing God - An Editorial

The act of creation and destruction is often something that gives a player (and a person) the greatest sense of achievement. However, most MMOs on the market today seem to be lacking in both of these departments, with gamers unable to do much more than quest and kill respawning mobs. But what does the future crop of MMOs look like? Find the answer in this editorial!

When I woke up the following morning and logged into my MMO flavor-of-the-week, I felt almost discouraged that there was absolutely nothing in the gaming world that I could – graphically – be a part of. With the gradual passing of Shadowbane into oblivion, there are only a scant number of virtual worlds that allow you to actually build something in their game space. And unless I've missed something from a recent MMO contender, there are no titles that allow you to take over a piece of the realm and call it your own.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016