Shayalyn Goes Pirate

Shayalyn got her first look at Pirates of the Burning Sea, the upcoming MMO from indie developer, Flying Lab Software, that involves high seas naval PvP and PvE combat.

While she was not sure that this would be the type of game for her, Kevin Maginn, a designer for Flying Lab, was easily able to convert Shayalyn as he demoed the game and talked about its features.

Maginn took us out onto the high seas in search of some combat. We watched as his ship, which essentially becomes a player character on water, sailed out in search of adventure…or trouble. It wasn’t long before Maginn’s ship was engaged by an enemy vessel. When a ship enters into a battle, a battle marker appears on the game map, indicating to others that there’s a fight going on, and the ships enter their own instance. After 10 minutes in battle, a ship in trouble can call for help, and other friendly ships can enter the instance to provide aid. There are no disadvantages to asking for help, and the system is designed to encourage cooperative play.

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Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016